Welcome to our Website! The Fire Fighters Burn Fund Victoria, BC is a non-profit volunteer society dedicated to the treatment, support, prevention and education of burn and fire injuries. The "Burn Fund" has been serving Vancouver Island for over 33 years. The Fire Fighters Burn Fund Victoria, accompanied by dedicated doctors, nurses and support personnel in our hospital will assist you through the entire process from injury to recovery, and we don't stop there..... We welcome you to our our site and hope you like the new look. Fire Fighters Burn Fund Victoria has raised Millions of dollars since its inception to help support burn victims and their families in the greater Victoria area., and as one of the major burn units in BC, we service all of Vancouver Island. If you require assistance you can contact us anytime and we will help you. Thanks to the citizens of Greater Victoria as we have a residence which families can use while their loved one is in our burn unit. We have a network of reliable professionals who can address any worries you have if you or your loved ones have suffered a severe burn injury, and we support children by education, prevention and peer support. Please enjoy our site, have a look around and if you need anything we are here to help.  

**Permissive Tax Exemption**

To the Mayor & Council and the citizens of Victoria:

On behalf of the Firefighters Burn Fund, Victoria, B.C. Board of Directors, we would like to take this opportunity to Thank you for your generous contribution via the “Permissive Tax Exemption Program” These funds allow us to continue to provide support and comfort to the Burn patients and their families, as well as vital equipment, and necessary education for staff members of the RJH